7 June 2015

New Electrolux Ergorapido Lithium 2015

[Edit; I have learned that there are severe battery problems with the Ergorapido - so you need to be really careful before buying one]

I found a video of a new line up of Electrolux Ergorapido - the world's most sold battery stick cleaner. Looks really good!

This Ergorapido would surely make your home tidy & clean and healthy for your family.
And good looking too. Which model and colour would fit best in your home?

Check the video below:

Battery Stick

Here is a picture of one product in the range. And you can see the different model names here.

Should be available at e.g., Harvey Norman. Or Courts. And you can find more models in-store.

23 March 2015

Shark Vacuums Burning - recall

There has been cases where vacuum cleaners from the produced Shark started to burn and has caused severe damage. They pose a shock hazard.

"The aluminum wand can disconnect from the vacuum cleaner’s handle and remain energized with electricity, posing a risk of electric shock."

So all these vacuums are recalled - as you can read on this site - if you have any of these please return them ASAP.

Now, they have also been recalled in US and Canada. Much later than elsewhere?
Which you can read about on this site. Where you also find exactly what models etc.

Stop using them now! Return them, for your own safety.
And keep them away from your children.

6 October 2014

Dyson sued for false claims

In the US, Dyson is being sued by Euro-Pro for false claims in their marketing, as can be seen in this article.

Dyson is advertizing a claim that it is having twice the suction power of any competitor. But independent testing shows that it is slightly lower, or equal. Not higher, and definately not twice as high..

Their claim is false, but they have refused to remove it. Lying to consumers? Why?
And now they are being taken to court.

It will be interesting to see the outcome, and how much this will cost Dyson.

A totally false advertizing?:

1 September 2014

Superior Suction for a Vacuum

Picking up on an article in Australia, claiming that a new Electrolux Vacuum (UltraFlex is the name) is 33% better than the leading Dyson.

And an illustrative video (Look at 0:15):

Can be found at e.g.,  Harvey Norman for $499, compared to the Dyson, DC 28 for $699.
33% better, at a lower price, sounds good to me.

17 July 2014

Test of Handheld Vacs in Good Housekeeping

The US magazine Good Houskeeping has published a test of handheld vacuums. I cannot link to it, but below you can see a scan, where they publish the best vacuum cleaner.

The test winner was Electrolux Ergorapdio
Second place was awarded to Hoover Linx
Lower rated in third place was the most expensive Dyson DC 59

Enjoy your hand held vacuum!

EDIT: I now find that the same vaccum becomes a testwinner in Germany. There it is sold under the AEG brand. You can read the entire test here. In German, - let Google Translate do its magic :-)
Ergorapid comes out on top, followed by Philips, and even further back Dysons latest model DC62.

12 May 2014

An Iron you can trust

Nobody really wants to do the ironing, but we still do want to have perfect looking shirts and clothes. (thank you all helpers out there...)We do want to take care of our nice and expensive clothes!

I have got the reccomendation, that I have appreciated, for a really good iron. It does have a really good Resilium sole plate, which of course is good. and it provied very good steam - enough to make a Singaporean feal hot an humid. It does a really good job ironing.

However, what I really appreciate is the safety functions.

The Iron will shut it self off if it is left standing for a few minutes, or if is standing with the hot sole plate down for a minute, or if it is tilted on its side for a minute. This makes is safe, and there is no risk that anything will get damaged, or a fire, if anybody accidently forgets it. Before it shuts off, it will also warn you with sound and lights!

This makes me feel a lot more safe!

The iron is called Electrolux ESI6123. You can read about it here.

You can buy it at e.g. Lioncity here.

That is my recommendation for a really good iron in Singapore.

6 April 2014

New ErgoRapido

I learnt that the iconic Electrolux Ergorapido 2-1 Stick vaccum cleaner has arrived in a new and improved version. Better performance and dust pick up, and a in a new more powerful design.

It looks good from what I can see.

One note for those out to buy one: Get the version with the 18v Lithium battery. It is so much better!

You can find it at Courts. Or at Harvey Norman.
And in Electrolux Japan. And Czech republic

This new Ergorapido has one an Red Dot best of the best design award. And a Best In Test Award in Germany.

11 November 2013

Thailand Vacuum Video

I got sent a link to this video from Thailand. I do not understand Thai, but the video seems cool.

18 October 2013

Review of Dyson

I found this review of Dyson, and some other vacuum manufacturers, on a US site.

Conclusion is that you would expect better design for a product at that price point. I am not sure that the all other products are available in Singapore though. And all products looks so damn big and bulky!

28 August 2013

Dyson Ball Review

I have seen the Dyson Vacuum cleaner a bit lately, and wanted to find any Dyson Ball Reviews. I managed to find a lot in the comments here.
It seems to be mixed. While there are some people who like their Dyson, there seems to be a lot of issues with breakage. When looking at Amazon, it seems as there also is multiple complaints about the loss of suction. Despite the claim of "No suction lost".

But I guess there are a lot of people with positive experiences too? Right???

20 June 2013

PSI in Singapore now

Currently the air quality is very bad in Singapore. You can see the current PSI reading here.

I suggest you buy one, or several, Air Cleaners to keep youself and you family safe and healthy.

24 January 2013

Cheap Vacuum Cleaner Singapore

I have tried a new vacuum cleaner I think is good and does the job well. And the added plus is that it is cheap. You can find it in Courts at 89 SGD. It is named Electrolux MobiOne.

Here is a picture of this vacuum (it comes in several colours):

Cheap Vacuum Cleaner

Worth to note is that it has 1600 Watts of power, and hence a lot of suction power to pick up all the dust you want. Today's recommendation for a cheap vacuum cleaner. Here you go!

And you can buy staubsaugerbeutel here. A German site, but good.

5 October 2012

Best Washing Machine in Singapore

Where can I find the best Washing Machine in Singapore?

The top advice for buying the best washing is to go for a Front Load Washing Machine. They provide much better water and energy performance, and they are gentler to your clothes than a Top Load Washing Machine. Better for your clothes, and for the environment.

There are many different brands for Washing Machines. I recommend a European Brand as Electrolux or an American as Whirlpool. I would not buy a Korean brand as LG, or a Chinese one as Haier (who also owns Fisher and Paykel). Stay with trusted, quality European brands.

You can buy my favourite washing machine here.

Good luck in buying the Best Washing Machine.

25 September 2012

The world's most exclusive kitchen appliances

Recently the world's most exclusive kitchen appliances were launched. They are called Grand Cuisine and are built from a base of the appliances professional chefs use in their cooking.

Basically they are redesigned and adapted to meet the knowledge and usage patterns, as well as the design requirements, for domestic use. To help out, you also get a professional chef to help you learn to use the new kitchen.

Exclusive Grand Cuisine
Grand Cuisine Sear Hob

They do look stunning, and it shurs is something to show you friends who will be in awe over these appliances.

The catch? Well, a full set of appliances will be somewhere around 80 000 EUR.

Grand Cuisine Induction Zone

Grand Cuisine Steam Oven

11 September 2012

Vacuum Cleaners Review Singapore

I have been looking into vacuum cleaners to find a good choice to use in Singapore. After searching the world for good reviews, I have come to the following conclusions.

1) Use a vacuum cleaner with bags if you can. There is less dust coming out through the exhaust of the vacuum cleaner, than it is on a bagless one. You can easily stock up on a few bags at purchase so you are good to go.

2) Avoid robotic vacuum cleaners. They do look like a cool gadget, but they just don't clean that well. And that is really what it is all about.

3) Go for a quiet vacuum cleaner. It is really a hazzle to have a loud noisy thing, that will not allow you to watch TV, listen to music, or talk while somebody is vacuuming.

4) Go for a good quality brand and product. Buying something too cheap, from Korea or China, will just get you angry and you will regret it later.

5) Look for a decent filtration. It is called HEPA filter. It should have at at least a HEPA 12 filter - to ensure that you really doesnt just blow dust around with your vacuum cleaner.

With those things in mind, after looking through reviews (see here, e.g.,) I finally decided for the Electrolux Ultra Silencer. It is the world's most quiet vacuum, and has received great reviews.

You can see a video of the vacuum cleaner beeing used, in Singapore, below.

This would be one of the recommended vacuum cleaners, after looking at the reviews.

PS. Have you seen this blogpost about a nicely designed Stick, from Treasure Memories?

6 September 2012

Washing machine with dryer

Having a washing machine with a dryer is a very smart thing. It allows you to in the same space have both the washing and the drying. It saves you a lot of space!

Having a dryer in addition to your washing machine is a good thing. It allows you to quickly dry your clothes, without having them outside, risking a rainfall, or neighbours wetting them. You do not want to have your precious clothes getting soiled like that.

So I strongly recommend you getting a washing machine with a dryer. One model of Washer Dryer that I recommend is this good one from Electrolux.

Electrolux Washing Machine with Dryer.

Here you find where to buy.

7 August 2012

Dinner with a view

There is this really cool concept where you can dine with a fantastic view, with food from top chefs. Many of them with Michelin stars in their restaurants.

The concept is called The Cube, and it is Electrolux who has developed it to showcase that they supplied appliances to over 50% of the restaurants that have received a Michelin star. So they have built this cool restaurant, complete with a fully equipped kitchen, that now travels the world.

It has been placed at the roof of the Dome in Milan, at the Royal Festival Hall in London and at the Royal Opera House in Stockholm. The views are just fantastic. And the food is really good. See below, from London.

I just hope Electrolux will bring this to Asia and Singapore. There are many good chefs, that use Electrolux appliances, that could cook. And sure we could find some very cool locations with great views in Singapore!!!

16 July 2012

Buying Olympic Tickets - beware

A totally different subject - buying tickets for the London Olympics.

There is a site called Euroteam, and they are selling tickets to the olympics in London, online. However, they do not have the right to do so, according to the UK Police. So do not buy tickets from them!

You can find more info on the site Euroteam Tickets Scam.

Watch out, so you do not get fooled! Get legit tickets!

21 June 2012

Swedish site on vacuum cleaners

Here you can find a newly started site on Swedish Tests of Vacuum Cleaners. Learn Swedish. Go There. And then buy a good vacuum cleaner.