27 October 2010

Electrolux Concept Store

I just read a interesting blog post, describing Electrolux first Concept Store in Singapore.

It is an interesing read, with some nice pictures. I recommend you to check it out, and maybe even pop by the concept store itself. It is located at IMM #02-04.


21 October 2010

Aircleaners in Singapore

The haze in Singapore is getting really bad. There is an article in Straits Times, explaining the healt issues, and the cause. Fires in Indonesia.

The PSI readings are above 100, and the air is directly unhealthy. Football matches are cancelled, runners are adviced to not run. People with asthma etc. are at the hospital.

I am now buying an aircleaner.

20 October 2010

Dishwashers in Singapore

Dishwashers are a rare breed in Singapore. There are very few of these appliances in homes in Singapore. And when you think about it, it is quite strange. Singaporeans spend quite a lot of time cooking, and hence on doing the dishes everywhere. And it is not easy to buy a dishwasher in Singapore, but I have found one here.

Sure, there are expat households that have maids to do the dishes. But then there is Ramadan - and you have to do it.....

But the main reason is actually water. There are huge water savings in using a dishwasher, compared to doing it by hand. That saves water, and electricity to heat the water. Dishwasher could actually save a lot of water for Singapore. One calculation show that every househld would save over 7 000 liters of water - everu year.

There is a water saver calculator to check - unfortunately not linked to Singapore. But you could see the effect for Europe.

So think about if you should not get a Dishwasher.

17 October 2010

Washing machines in Singapore

We all have our washing machines and we have our special relations with those machines. What should you be thinking on when buying your first waching machine?

In Singapore the market is split between the Top Load Washers, and the Front Load Washers. The Front Loaders are the most modern, most energy efficient, and also with very good washing performance. These machines are also the ones mostly used in Europe and North America, while the Top Loaders are used in e.g., Latin America.

The market leader in the Singapore market for Front Load Washers is Electrolux. They were the first to bring these washers to Singapore, and has since then been the leader based on good machines that last long, and do their work well. They have also brought in some good innovation, but more on that later.

Apart from being efficent, the Fron Load also has the added benefit that it has less wear on your clothes. It is only gravity that wears them, compared to the twisting that occurs in a Top Load agitator. This site shows the Pros and Cons.

Lately, many more companies have tried to copy the sucess of Electrolux, and you can see Korean companies (as, LG and Samsung - known for TVs), and also Japanese (e.g., Sanyo) and Chinese (e.g., Haier) companies in the stores in Singapore.

While you will see Front Loaders, or Washer Dryers is what you can find in many of the high end Condos. The Top Loaders are mostly found in the other common housing for Singaporeans. Given the water situation, one could expect the government would encourage the use of Front Loaders. We will see what happens.

The Top Loaders have the benefit that you can open them and look, and throw in that forgotten sock. They also tend to be somewhat cheaper - if you do not take the water and energy into account. Note that the traditional agitator will wra.-ngle your clothes, and wear them. It also gives you a lot more work in ironing. The traditional Top Loaders mostly come from Japnese and Chinese companies. You can alos find them from Fisher & Paykel, of NZ (although they have been bought by the Chinese). Electrolux has lately also entered the Top Load, but with an innovation called the impeller (T-drive). That will wear and tangle the clothes a lot less, and still have the same good wash performance. One blogger describes when it was launched in Thailand.

But if there is one washing product I would like it is this one, the Iron Aid. I hate ironing

10 October 2010

Wasching machines

Washing machines is a main stay in almost every home in Singapore. Many people have thoughts, and misconceptions about washing machines. Here is an attempt to clear those ones out.

First of all, there are two basci types of washing machines available in Singapore. The first, and traditional one, being the Top Load Washer, and the second more modern is the Front Loaded Washing machine.

The traditional Top Load (TL)has been around for a long time. It has the benefit that you can open the lid during the washing, and check on the progress, and even through in the extra stuff you forgot. The big drawback is though, that the TL washer uses more water, and hence energy. It is less efficient. The second drawback is that is tangles the clothes, as they get wringed around the center pin. Electrolux has, though, recently introduced a TL washer with a new technology (T-drive) that doesn't tangle the clothes, and gives a better performance. More info on that washer is found here.

The new washing machines are mostly Front Load Washers. They have been around for quite some time, but are still not as plentiful as the TL washers. The FL washers are more efficent in the use of water and energy, and gives a better wash performance. In Europe and Australia most washers sold today are of the Front Load type, as there are higher requirements on energy performance. The  Front Load washers was introduced in Asia by Electrolux, but today many companies offer them for sale.

An interesting fact is that the average load in a washing machine today is around 4-5kg. Still there are capacites for washing up to 10-12 kg. That is very rarely used for a normal family, and has the side effect that the maching for 99% of the times it is used is going half empty. That uses more water and energy than needed, so think through if you really need a huge wasching machine before you go and buy any. However, in e.g., North America many waching machines are huge. Se one example here from the US.

With FL washers there also is the potential to have the combined Washer and Dryer - a so called Washer/Dryer (logical naming, right?). In that you can wash, and dry, in the same maschine. That saves space so you do not need extra space for a dryer. However, in the hot weather of Singpore, a dryer is not always needed. If you do have the space and money, the advice is to buy a separate dryer. That gives you the ability to not block your washing when you do want to tumble dry. And you can also easier chose what to dry, so you do not need dry all of your wash at the same time.

Here is a washing machine review from Singapore.

9 October 2010

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances is something we all need and use. The kitchen is an important part of every home, and the appliances that goes into it is obviously an important part of the kitchen. This is a list of companies producing appliances for Singapore.

Electrolux is an old Swedish company that is the world's largest maker of home and kitchen appliances. They produce a wide range of high quality appliances from Vacuum Cleaners, to designed and innovative cooking appliances - but they only do appliances, nothing else. Maybe they are most know for the durable Front Load Washers, but they also have new innovative Top Load washers

Panasonic is a Japanese company that does a lot of things, but also appliances for the Singapore market. Maybe they are most know for their cameras, Hi-Fi Equipment, but they have Aircons, refrigerators, hob etc too.

LG is a Korean company that seems to have the world's largest advertizing budget, since you see them advertising everywhere. Everything from their hand phones to their plasma TVs etc. They do have some home appliances, but mainly fridges, and some washers. The company does some good producs, and one can only hope that their kicthen appliances last longer than their hand phones.....

Samsung is another Korean company, that has a similar offer. A very wide range of products, from hand phones to TVs and cameras, to fridges and Air Cons. Samsung is psobably most known for spending a huge amount of money to sponsor Chelsea FC, and having their name on their shirts.

Toshiba does make kitchen appliances. I have seen them. But looking at their webpage, makes you wonder. However that is, they are mostly know for their refrigerators.

Sharp is another japanesee company wide a wide range of products, from TVs, to fridges. They have a washing machine that is supposed to use Ag+ in your clothes?? They are also fairly well knwo for their Air Conditioners.

Daikin is a chinese company that is focused on Air Conditioners, and I have them in my current apartment. I am getting to know their service personell quite well after endless visits....

Haier is another chinese manufacturer but with a broader product offering. All kitchen appliances, as well as plasma TVs etc. They are well known in China, but has yet to make a sucess outside of their home market.

Miele is a German company that produces and builds appliances too. They are very expensive, and not sold in many places.

This is a first list of makers of Kitchen appliances for Singapore, and more information on Appliances are to follow.