18 June 2011

Coffee, Coffee and more Coffee

I think I am addicted to coffee, and I wonder what my doctor would say if he saw the picture below. I do serve visiting friends a few, but the majority of what this machine has produced is for me. It has lasted close to 1000 espressos, and still going strong - a real workhorse.

I have found the best coffee beans at Papa Palheta. Freschly roasted and of the highest quality. I think they serve the absolutely best espresso in Singapore.

Even though I often have a coffee at e.g., Starbucks, Coffee Bean, PS Café etc, they do not live up to the highest standard of coffee for me. I get that at home, with my own espressomachine. And my friends love coming by too.

1 June 2011

Great Singapore Sale

It is now the time of the year for the Great Singapore Sale. That is a time when bascially every department store and shopping galleria has a sale. There can even be signiicant savings to be had!

Look around if you are into buying something, appliances, or others. Here is one list to look at, here is another one.

Or you can buy a very silent vacuum, including iPod dock and speakers! It might even be on sale now!