28 September 2011

Water Labels for Singapore Washing Machines

From the start of October 2011, all washing machines in Singapore has to be labeled with the water consumption, according to a report from Straits Times.

Where you can buy washing machines!

Make sure you buy a machines that use less water - usually a Front Load washing machine.

25 September 2011

Cafe Scandinavia in Japan

H&M have been in Japan for quite sime time, and just recently set up a store at Orchard Road in Singapore. But now there is a Café Scandinavia opening up in Japan. Has that something to do with the Scandinavian design?

You tell me. What is Scandinavia? In Japan? In Singapore?

14 September 2011

AEG Appliances Australia

AEG is now launching a new set of appliances in Australia, called AEG Neue Kollektion. You can read about it here.

AEG Appliances

When looking at the pictures, they sure look good. I hope there is a chance to get hold of them also in Singapore. I do not want to move to Australia just to have them in my kitchen.

12 September 2011

Singapore Haze and Air Quality

We are now in the midst of the Sumatra Rain Forest clearing season. That means fires and a lot of smoke. When the wind is blowing in the worng direction, the air is getting really bad.

Air Quality in Singapore during Haze

There is a PSI index published that tells you what the air quality is currently. You find it here.

Eventhough both Singapore and Malaysia are complaining to Indonesia, nothing really seems to happen. Straits Times are following the issue. CNN claims that Indonesia is trying to make rain.

My recommendation is to buy yourself an aircleaner. That s a good appliace to fight the haze. That can help relieve the runny nose and aching eyes. And then hope that it will pass - wind and rain is very welcome.

I bought my Air Cleaner at Harvey Normans. I am very satisfied with it,