7 August 2012

Dinner with a view

There is this really cool concept where you can dine with a fantastic view, with food from top chefs. Many of them with Michelin stars in their restaurants.

The concept is called The Cube, and it is Electrolux who has developed it to showcase that they supplied appliances to over 50% of the restaurants that have received a Michelin star. So they have built this cool restaurant, complete with a fully equipped kitchen, that now travels the world.

It has been placed at the roof of the Dome in Milan, at the Royal Festival Hall in London and at the Royal Opera House in Stockholm. The views are just fantastic. And the food is really good. See below, from London.

I just hope Electrolux will bring this to Asia and Singapore. There are many good chefs, that use Electrolux appliances, that could cook. And sure we could find some very cool locations with great views in Singapore!!!