12 May 2014

An Iron you can trust

Nobody really wants to do the ironing, but we still do want to have perfect looking shirts and clothes. (thank you all helpers out there...)We do want to take care of our nice and expensive clothes!

I have got the reccomendation, that I have appreciated, for a really good iron. It does have a really good Resilium sole plate, which of course is good. and it provied very good steam - enough to make a Singaporean feal hot an humid. It does a really good job ironing.

However, what I really appreciate is the safety functions.

The Iron will shut it self off if it is left standing for a few minutes, or if is standing with the hot sole plate down for a minute, or if it is tilted on its side for a minute. This makes is safe, and there is no risk that anything will get damaged, or a fire, if anybody accidently forgets it. Before it shuts off, it will also warn you with sound and lights!

This makes me feel a lot more safe!

The iron is called Electrolux ESI6123. You can read about it here.

You can buy it at e.g. Lioncity here.

That is my recommendation for a really good iron in Singapore.